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About the JS Library

Book Borrowing

How many books can I check out?

  • JK & SK may take home up to 2 books
  • Gr. 1-3 may take home up to 3 books
  • Gr. 4-5 may take home up to 5 books

For how long can I borrow books?

Students may borrow library books for 2 weeks. You can renew your books as long as the book is not on hold for someone else -- just talk to Ms. Larcina!

What happens when books are overdue?

You will be reminded about your overdue books each time you check your library account. Ms. Larcina also sends out email reminders to parents at the start of each month.

If you continue to forget your books, you will not be allowed to check out more books until you return your overdue books. 

The library does not charge fines for overdue books.

What happens if a book is lost or returned damaged?

You must tell Ms. Larcina as soon as possible if you have lost your books or if your books are damaged. 

Lost books: Parents are notified and the student's school account is charged the retail list price for each book that they have lost. 

Damaged books: Students may not be charged for the replacement cost of the book(s). However, depending on the book's condition, it would be a courtesy to the library if the student were to offer a replacement copy (either of that book or another title). 

When is the library open?

Library hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Each class will have library time once a week, during which they may check out books. 

Returning books

Students can drop off their books any day before or after school -- no need to wait until their library class!

Find more books online! You can borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines from Sora (OverDrive). 

How many digital books can I check out?

All students can check out up to 10 digital books and magazines.

For how long do I have these digital books?

All students will have their digital books and magazines for 21 days.

When items are due, Sora automatically returns books for you. However, please be considerate of others and return any books you have finished or are no longer interested in.

How do I access Sora?

  • Visit Sora
  • Find the York School


OR search for "The York School" 

  • Log in with your York username (ex. glarcina31)

Learn more about the 2023 Forest of Reading at the York School:


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