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Junior School Library: Recommended Reading

Check out our book lists!

Books in other languages

Unite for Literacy offers picture books and early nonfiction readers in English with a variety of second-language narration.


Click above, choose a book, and click "narration" to listen to the book in another language.

StoryWeaver offers a variety of books in different languages.

Click above, click "Find a book" or "Read", and choose the language you would like to read in.

Learning Games

Shelve-it! Game

(Learning how to properly shelve books by call number)

Digital Passport from Commonsense Media

(Games and activities teaching digital citizenship skills)

Fun puzzles for kids, including crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, and Quadra!


Listen to the all new season of the Molly of Denali podcast

Find out more about Canadian history by watching these other History Bits videos!