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2024 Forest of Reading (Junior School): What is the Forest of Reading?

A national reading program!

The Forest of Reading program is a Canada-wide program for all kids and young adults that celebrates Canadian literature. The "forest" is made up of several different "trees" (book lists) for different grades and ages. Each tree features 10 books nominated as "the best" of Canadian literature, and the winner is picked by readers!

All of the books are written, illustrated, and published by Canadians. For more information, visit the official website.

Who can participate?

Anyone in SK to Gr. 5!

Students in SK, Gr. 1, & Gr. 2 will be reading the Blue Spruce books together with Ms. Larcina.

Students in Gr. 3 -5 need to read at least 5 of the 10 books in their tree (book list) if they want to vote.

What is a "book ambassador?"

A book ambassador is a York School teacher who has also read one (or two!) of the books. For every book they finish, students need to check in with that book's ambassador and answer their questions to get their signature for their Reading Passport.

How long does the Forest of Reading run for?

We're running the Forest of Reading from January until April. Voting week is April 22nd - 26th!