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Summer Reading Program: About Summer Reading


Summer Reading at the York School!

Welcome to the Junior School Library's Summer Reading guide! Let's kick off the summer by going on a reading adventure together.

There are new books to explore, activities to do, and prizes to be won!

What is the Summer Reading Program?

A fun way to keep up with reading over the summer. Students are invited to read different books over the summer and participate in reading-related activities. 

Is the program mandatory?

No, this is not mandatory. Students may choose to join in or not (no registration necessary!). 

Who can participate?

Junior School students in Grades 1-5, including new students, are welcome to join in (no registration necessary).


The Summer Reading Program is meant to be a fun, noncommital program that encourages a love of reading. Any student work that Ms. Larcina does receive will be displayed to celebrate students' creativity. Students are invited to participate as much as they like but should not feel obligated to complete any of the activities.

How long does the program run?

The program will run from June 17th to August 30th. Students may join in immediately or jump into the program at whatever date they choose.

How does it work?

Students interested in participating can pick up a Summer Reading Journal that contains three different program activities:

1) Book Bingo

2) Reading Log

3) Activities

Book Bingo

Students who complete 4 squares in a row (horizontal, diagonal, vertical) and submit their bingo cards to Ms. Larcina in person at the start of school are entered into a random prize raffle.


Reading Log

Students track their time spent reading over the whole summer in their Summer Reading Journals. Those who submit their journals to Ms. Larcina in person at the start of school are entered into a random prize raffle.

A suggested reading goal is 10 new books!



The Summer Reading Journal includes various activities. Students are welcome to do as many as they like. To be eligible for the random prize raffle, students must complete at least three of the activities and submit evidence (photos, drawings, videos) to Ms. Larcina by email or in person at the start of school.


Students are welcome to complete as many of the activities as they like. To be considered eligible for any of the random prize raffles, they must submit their Summer Reading Journal and any completed activities to Ms. Larcina in September.


Students may have a chance to win a prize in three different random raffles:

  • Book Bingo raffle (submit a bingo card with 4 completed squares)
  • Reading Log (submit a Summer Reading Journal with at least 3 hrs of reading time logged)
  • Activities (submit a Summer Reading Journal with at least 3 hrs of reading time logged + 3 completed activities)


The raffles will take place the first week back at school. Students who wish to have their names entered into the raffles must give Ms. Larcina their Summer Reading Journals and any program activities they have completed.